Corporate culture

Our mission statement

As a long-standing family business, we stand behind a solid product based on advanced technology. This should make our customers successful in their market.


At the centre of our thinking and behaviour are our customers and their needs. We offer you innovative, high-quality solutions and an excellent price-performance ratio. Long-term customer relationships are very important to us. We have staked our reputation on these for over 50 years.


The basis of our success are independent, motivated and satisfied employees. We are a reliable and responsible employer for them. We offer them secure jobs and flexible working conditions. We support them in their development and the achievement of their professional goals through ongoing training. We promote an atmosphere in which each team member is valued and can grow personally.


We strive for long-term, open, reliable and mutually beneficial cooperation with our suppliers and partners.


We invest a lot of energy and a significant share of sales in basic research and applied development. Together with our university and research partners, we strive to ensure that our products are always cutting-edge, while maintaining absolute reliability. The measure for these efforts is the satisfaction of our customers.


Successful business is only possible in a functioning community. We appreciate this and would also like to give something back. That is why we are committed to the environment and society.

In particular, our products should be characterised by energy efficiency and environmental friendliness during operation.


We are committed to our continued existence and security. That is why we want to build a solid market position through growth and substantial reserves through profit, to always ensure our freedom to operate and our independence.