S and M series certified for cleanroom

REGLOPLAS has had Series S and M appliances certified for ISO Class 6 and 7 cleanroom applications.

REGLOPLAS supplies temperature control units which are used for special cleanroom production processes. Controlled ambient conditions are essential amongst others in medical technology, optics, laser technology, packaging in the pharmaceutical industry and laboratory applications. Parts must be produced in ambient air with the minimal possible quantity of particles and bacteria in order to eliminate manufacturing-related errors at a later date.

REGLOPLAS S and M-series appliances

REGLOPLAS makes temperature control units for cleanroom production in sizes S and M. The models for use in cleanroom operations are:

up to 100 °CP100SP100M
up to 140 °CP140SP140M
up to 160 °CP160SP160M
up to 180 °CP180SP180M
up to 200 °CP200SP200M


Special lint-free insulation materials amongst others are used in the temperature control units, cleanroom-compatible rollers and components that undergo a special cleaning process before being installed in the temperature control unit. There are two housing versions for the temperature control units: a RAL 9010 smooth, white, chemically resistant paint finish or an optional stainless-steel version. The temperature control units are sealed for delivery in PE film.

Cleanroom class ISO 6 and 7

The appliances have been certified in accordance with the standard: DIN ISO 14644-1. The particle measurements in the cleanroom were taken, 

at rest  ISO Class 6
in operationISO Class 7


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REGLOPLAS temperature control units line S and M for clean room applications

REGLOPLAS temperature control units line S and M for clean room applications.