Vario with energyBattery K MAGAZIN TEXT, NICHT VERWENDEN

Energy-Efficient Temperature Control in the High-Temperature Range. Achtung noch nicht offizieller Text laut Karin!

Regloplas AG, St. Gallen, Switzerland, provides a vario switching unit in combination with pressurized water units for up to 200°C as well as the so-called energyBattery. Thanks to the optimum separation of cold and hot water circuits, the heating and cooling phases are shortened, and the energy consumption is reduced accordingly. The flows and returns that are close to the tool result in shorter, optimized heating and cooling phases, and further minimize the energy losses. The quicker the change from heating to cooling phase with least energy loss, the more efficient and energy saving the production of demanding injection molded and composite parts will be.

Existing Regloplas temperature control units can be extended with the vario switching unit by changing to a variothermal production process. According to the manufacturer, it is a simple, individually adaptable and inexpensive system for maximum flexibility in the high-temperature range (for applications with water up to 200°C) without pressure shocks.