About us

We make technological change possible

REGLOPLAS offers you progress and security in technological change. With intelligent temperature control. For around 60 years. We help you reach your goals. Digitally networked. Fit for the future.

REGLOPLAS is close to its customers. Thanks to constant, valuable exchange with our customers and our partners in research and development, we cultivate Swiss engineering art at the highest level.

REGLOPLAS is committed to continuity and security which we ensure by actively shaping technological change. New dimensions in the world of temperature control. On the basis of the latest technologies, we offer our customers intelligent temperature control solutions for optimum, economical processes in a wide range of application technologies and for a wide variety of end-user industries.

From our headquarters in St.Gallen – where research, development and production are based – we maintain a worldwide network of representatives and experience in over 50 countries, which guarantees a high level of service by certified specialists.

REGLOPLAS is committed to satisfied customers, employees and partners. On their behalf, we are committed to continuity and security. For our employees we are a reliable and responsible employer with secure jobs and flexible working conditions. Through innovation and dedication, we are also committed to the environment and society, namely with solutions that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly in operation.


Our vision is to be established on the market as the world's leading technology provider of intelligent temperature control solutions.


Our mission is to optimise customer-specific, intelligent temperature control technology while at the same time using resources efficiently and in an environmentally conscious manner.

REGLOPLAS – A Swiss success story

In 1961, the founding year of REGLOPLAS, temperature control technology for industrial applications in injection moulding and die casting was in the early stage of a brilliant technical and economic development, according to the contemporary witness and founder Max Stieger. It was a time when plants were working at their limit and users were feverishly looking for solutions to optimise manufacturing processes and to minimise waste. REGLOPLAS started writing its success story at the same time as mould temperature control was born!

With an unstoppable pioneering spirit, REGLOPLAS was already making a name for itself in the early 1960s as an innovative solution provider and technological market leader. The patented principle of low-calcification SK cooling is still in use today and is considered a guarantee of durability. In order to fully ensure that pumps are watertight during mould temperature control, REGLOPLAS, unlike its competitors, began using magnetic couplings early on, thereby ensuring ground-breaking stable temperature control processes. To adapt to the increasing demand for high temperature ranges, REGLOPLAS was the first supplier on the market to launch a 250 °C oil temperature control unit. To counteract the resulting high-temperature carbonisation, the forced circulation system was introduced to the market shortly thereafter.