Temperature control solutions

Energy-saving temperature control solutions for more process reliability, better and stable product quality and shorter cycle times.

The REGLOPLAS solutions for variable temperature control (vario), multi-channel manifold (multiFlow), pulse temperature control (multiPulse), point temperature control (jetPulse) and water treatment (waterCare) enable individually tailored systems for dynamic temperature control of demanding processes. We use intelligent technologies to monitor and control pump pressure, temperature (Delta-T), flow rate and power.

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21 Products


Energy-efficient variable temperature control systems without pressure surges, flexible and modular in use and configuration (water up to 200 °C, oil up to 300 °C).


Pulsed temperature control with multi-port manifold for demanding production processes, can be used individually for precisely regulated temperature control with water up to 160 °C.


Multi-channel temperature control for complex and demanding production processes, individually applicable with precisely adjustable temperature control for each channel (water up to 200 °C and oil up to 300 °C).


Jetcooling temperature control jetPulse for die-casting.


For applications with high demands on water quality (>140 °C), conditioning with treated water is recommended and necessary. This prevents corrosion, fouling and scaling and thus reduces maintenance, repair, downtime, and cleaning costs.