A look at the future of digitalisation

Dashboard – Big data and self-learning evaluation of process data.

In the Smart Factory of the future, the REGLOPLAS dashboard will form the user interface for the graphical display on a central screen and management of all operating / process data (temperatures, flow rates, pressures, operating statuses etc.) from the temperature control units and solutions. The dashboard allows adaptation of parameters to the actual requirements and analysis of the relevant process data. Convenient data logging functions allow data storage on a customer server or in a cloud. 

Remote maintenance, access via mobile phone or tablet and cloud data storage can all be achieved with the dashboard and the integrated WLAN and Bluetooth interfaces in the RT200. The foundations are therefore in place to be able to provide products in the future for Predictive Maintenance for energy and process optimisation etc. This creates the preconditions for continuous optimisation of the operation and processes as a further step towards artificial intelligence and/or self-learning systems. This data will also, in line with the Internet of Things (IoT), automate the supply chain. On the basis of analyses, necessary spare parts will be ordered directly online via the Internet to avoid unwanted downtime of the production plant. 

This dashboard can be integrated into machine or factory dashboards. Together with the customer, thanks to its flexibility REGLOPLAS will shape future digitalisation. We look forward to the future of digitalisation!