RT200 for the Smart Factory

OPC UA and the new RT200 control system.

Quotation from A. Kuhn, Head Research & Development in Regloplas AG:

"An intelligent temperature control unit has its own integrated OPC UA server based on the new RT200 control system."

Since temperature control has a major influence on both productivity and product quality, REGLOPLAS offers its customers the new OPC UA interface (Unified Architecture) - a reliable solution for simultaneous parallel data exchange at every level in industrial production. REGLOPLAS temperature control units and temperature control solutions are optimally equipped for current technical requirements and therefore also for the demands of Industry 4.0. They open up a new dimension in communication.

REGLOPLAS offers OPC UA data models for many different standards, e.g. EUROMAP 82.1 for temperature control units in the plastic processing industry. The preconditions are created by an integrated OPC UA-Server in the control systems of the temperature control units. This can be integrated into the proven RT100 controller as well as into the new RT200 control system. The temperature control unit contains an OPC UA Server and therefore provides uninterrupted operational and/or process data (temperatures, flow rates, pressures, operating statuses etc.) at all communication levels.

  • Each temperature control unit has an inbuilt OPC UA server which means limitless utility in terms of data exchange and communication.
  • Maximum flexibility when using appliances in plants using machines from different manufacturers which support OPC UA.
  • The physical connection is based on an Ethernet patch cable which enables "Plug & Play". An integrated 2-port switch enables straightforward series connection (Daisy-Chain) for simplified cabling in the case of multiple temperature control units.
  • The RT200 control system has an integrated standard WLAN which enables wireless OPC UA communication. The temperature control unit can automatically connect with a WLAN Access Point in the Smart Factory.
  • A DHCP server automatically assigns an IP address to the temperature control unit, whether via wired LAN or WLAN.
  • The same network connection (LAN or WLAN) enables the display to be operated fully "remotely" (HTML5 technology) in a browser. E.g. the appliance can be fully remotely controlled via WLAN from a tablet. There is no need to remove the display from the appliance for remote control.
  • A state-of-the-art machine controller with HTML5 Browser technology can display the graphics and enable full remote operation of the temperature control unit.

Teamviewer IoT is an integrated component of the RT200 and is used for remote control via an internet connection (Public network). Remote control is possible via Teamviewer as soon as the RT200 is connected to the Internet, just as if the RT200 were on the local network.

For example, a mobile hotspot (similar to an Access Point) can be set up to allow the RT200 to be connected via WLAN and get Internet access. As soon as the RT200 is connected to the Internet, a secure connection can be created via ID and password which enables remote control and which functions across all firewalls.

This makes it easy to provide remote support for a service situation.

The new RT200 controller from REGLOPLAS for temperature control units sets a new standard for the operating unit and encompasses all necessary requirements for the digital production environment of tomorrow. Issues such as remote maintenance and access via mobile phone or tablet can be implemented with the integrated WLAN and Bluetooth interfaces.

The high-resolution display with its graphical user interface allows intuitive device control and monitoring. Customer-specified depictions and visualisations of process data on the controller interface can be adjusted at any time by the customer. Customer-specific access authorisations can be set up with the alphanumeric input. If desired by the customer and if access is enabled, analysis and evaluation of KPI’s is possible via remote-access.

Characteristic data:

  • OPC UA as general, standardised interface
  • 5" TFT colour display
  • Capacitive touch-technology
  • Customer-specific graphical display of process data
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, USB, WLAN and Bluetooth
  • Alphanumeric input
  • Supports Remote Maintenance and Remote Support Service
  • Highly flexible solution for the installation of temperature control units and temperature solutions
  • REGLOPLAS is fully customisable to your individual needs