multiFlow: multiple distributor systems for plastic processing

Customised temperature control solutions for demanding applications.

Regloplas multiFlow solutions enable you to achieve faster cycle times, more reliable process control and more flexible temperature control with your tools, with up to 48 channels that are individually controlled and monitored. In addition, it reduces the number of temperature control units and consequently the space required.

multiFlow features

  • Individual parameter settings for up to 48 channels
  • Flow rate or Delta T control
  • Channels monitored individually (flow rate, temperature)
  • Automatic demand-driven control of pump output
  • Oil up to 350 °C and water up to 230 °C
  • Control via temperature control unit or stand-alone

Your benefit - Sustainable use with REGLOPLAS

Cost saving: You save thanks to lower investment and quality costs, as well as lower power consumption.

Space saving: You need less space because the number of temperature control units is reduced.

Monitoring: The system monitors individual channels, checking their function, as well as blockages or contamination.

Flexibility: The temperature control can be individually and flexibly adapted to your needs and parameters.

Measurement and documentation: Process parameters such as flow rate and temperature are measured and displayed for each temperature control channel.

Individual control: It is possible to control the flow rate or Delta T individually for each temperature control channel.

Quality assurance: With process monitoring and alarm messages in the event of deviations, you ensure your product quality over the long term.

Lower unit costs: With optimised process parameters you increase the throughput and with process monitoring you avoid rejects.

Detailed productinformation

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multiFlow regloplas

Temperature control solution by REGLOPLAS