New jetPulse 100L. Top quality for spot cooling in die casting.

Extension of the Regloplas jetPulse series for large die casting machines.

Regloplas provides a sustainable and intelligent solution for the temperature control of large die casting dies. You gain more safety with the new temperature control system for spot cooling of structural parts in die casting.

Regloplas system components for jetPulse, developed with Swiss precision and intelligently monitored, ensure stable processes and constant quality for your components.

Your benefits from core cooling with the new jetPulse 100L

With intelligent technologies the system monitors and controls the pump pressure, temperature, flow rate and output – ensuring that dynamic temperature control can also be realised in demanding processes. Temperature control takes place highly precisely right into the cooling cores. This ensures excellent stability and the highest degree of safety during the cooling process.

The rugged and compact units can be integrated with little time expenditure into existing die casting systems and ensure more process reliability, better and stable product quality and reduced cycle times – and that at low investment costs.

The jetPulse 100L disposes of a frequency-controlled multi-stage pump with a flow rate of up to 100 l/min and a system pressure of up to 30 bar. The pump is equipped with an energy-saving function and is only active while cooling is running.

jetPulse 100L supplies and monitors up to 6 manifolds with 8 channels each. The jetFlow can monitor the flow rate with precision even at the lowest flow rates. Automatic core rupture monitoring is integrated in every jetPulse cycle.

Simple and user-friendly assignment of the individual parameters of the overall system is carried out per touch screen on the Siemens HMI Panel. The intelligent process monitoring function keeps the operating data under control continuously and reports deviations from the configurable limit values.

Detailed product information about the jetPulse 100L and the system components

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