Multi distributor systems


With the jetPulse, REGLOPLAS offers a versatile, individually applicable, and cycleaccurate solution in pressure die-casting temperature control, which can efficiently cool mould areas where conventional temperature control is inadequate. The jetPulse can thus intelligently and precisely support the cooling procedure in the pressure die-casting process. With 4 channels and 8 cores per channel, you get 32 cooling connections for cooling peaks (cores) per jetPulse to cool very specific areas of the mould in a pressure die-casting mould. The jetPulse has an integrated automatic core breakage monitoring step for safety. The solution can be extended as needed.

jetPulse Simulation



The more complicated the production process, the more individual and precise the required solution. With multiPulse, REGLOPLAS offers a versatile, individually applicable, and precision pulsed temperature control solution up to 160 °C, which is designed for 16 temperature control circuits per temperature control unit. The solution can be extended as needed. REGLOPLAS temperature control units are directly adaptable and underline the stability and precision of control processes.

multiPulse Simulation


multiFlow modular

Distributors are common in large die-casting machines. The multiple distributor system of REGLOPLAS is fully integrated within the control system of the temperature control units with sensors, monitoring, displays and controllers. Each circuit is set and monitored separately. The flow rate is automatically set to the specified target value in each circuit using a control ball valve. REGLOPLAS is the first supplier of this automatic multiFlow variant. The monitoring window is determined by the specified target values. If the temperature or flow rate leaves the respective monitoring window, the system will trigger an alarm. The monitored parallel connection signifcantly
increases process security.

multiFlow modular Simulation