New high temperature control unit 300MD

The 300MD dual-circuit high-temperature TCU with heat transfer oil up to 300 °C.

The new 300MD was developed specifically for cold chamber applications in die casting. However, other applications include injection moulding, extrusion, rolling, and other high performance temperature control applications.

300MD – technical data, features and options at a glance

  • Maximum Temperature 300°C
  • Double circuit unit
  • Heating capacity 24 kW (2 x 12 kw)
  • Cooling capacity 130kW per zone
  • Pump performance with high flow rate up to 85l/min with 8.0bar
  • Controller Regloplas RT200 or RT100 (option)
  • Leak-stop function / Tool drainage function
  • Optional F1000 flow meter (non moving parts)
  • Compact design with robust construction, suitable for die-casting
  • Completely closed stainless steel expansion tank 14l with low level and 2nd level pre-warning

300MD – Heating- and coolingsystem

  • Forced Flow circuit for heating and cooling with low resistance for flow
  • Long life robust heaters
  • Stainless steel heating elements
  • Calculated low heat load to eliminate any carbonization on the elements
  • High performance compact cooling element
  • Low cooling water consumption
  •  Optional bypass cooling system
  • System easy to clean

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High temperature control unit 300MD

Double circuit high temperature control unit 300MD